Victoria Wilson


About Victoria


Victoria prefers diversity and adapts her communication expertise products to

different training and social environments, and encourages her clients to do the



Victoria studied a Bachelor's degree and a performer's Diploma in Speech and

Drama, with Psychology and English as other avenues of exploration.


After studying, Victoria was involved in theatre-in-education projects and later

branched out to clinical psycho-drama where she gained hands-on experience

with many clients from all backgrounds.


Victoria combined her post-graduate work experience with her knowledge of voice and movement. This allowed her to move into the corporate, health care and small business environments where her unique, personalised, caring style achieved much success.


Victoria has honed her expertise to bring sophisticated, higher-level, essential communication interventions to corporate leaders and business individuals.


Business is more than the exchange of goods and services for remuneration; it is also about building cooperative, inter-personal relationships.


Let Victoria share her years of experience in the communication field with you and your business or brand! Contact her for a customised costing for your company, and a complimentary assessment/needs analysis.

B-BBEE Compliancy:
Victoria Wilson Professional Communication Training is a Level-4, B-BBEE company. A verification certificate may be provided on request.