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  Voice and Public Speaking Programmes:


“There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject, then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience” Jerry Seinfeld


"Let our personalized service assist you to optimal communication confidence."- Victoria Wilson


  Specific Benefits:


• Improved breath support and control

• Increased vocal vibrancy, warmth and richness

• Increased vocal volume and authority/command

• Greater vocal colour, variety and dynamism



  Voice/Verbal Communication:



• Breathing and Breath Control for speech

• Relaxation Techniques (Voice Specific)

• Vocal Strength, Resonance and Colour

• Accent neutralisation whilst keeping your personal style

• Articulation of vowels and consonants



  Presentation Expertise:



• Engaging presentation and interview skills

• Using Effective Voice, Body Language and Personality

• Superior pre-prep, prep and delivery expertise

• Vocal Size and Projection



  Customer/Client Care Programmes:


“We cannot always oblige but we can always speak obligingly” Voltaire


• Client and colleague engagement and enthusiasm

• Boost self-confidence and self-sell

• Stress Management under pressure

• Superior telephonic greetings

• Managing 'up and down'

• Dealing effectively with different personality types

• Effective internal and extrenal stakeholder management



  Customer Care:



• Handling challenging clients/verbal abuse

• Using Positive Language: the do's and don'ts of customer rapport

• Active Listening & Lateral Thinking

• Body language: positive, respectful and assertive



  Telephone Technique:



• Vocal tips for a more effective telephone voice

• Avoid distractions while at your work station

• Vocal clarity, audibility and the commanding voice

• Professional call screening and message taking

• The vocal smile

• Email etiquette and business English writing basics



  Stress Awareness and Empowerment Programmes:


“Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.” Brainy Quotes



  Benefits and Outcomes:


Increased self confidence and self-sell; healthier self image; improved time management; creating superior support networks; effective team relations; understanding the psychology of different personality profiles



  Stress Management Programme:



• Personal Awareness/Stress Triggers

• Healthy and balanced lifestyle tips

• Assertiveness Expertise

• Mindfulness/Personal Awareness



  Positive Leadership Power Programme:



• Positive leadership programme

• Power Presenting

• Being a brand ambassador for your company

• Image and Dress


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  New Service: Student/Learner Study Planning and Tuition



Do your children/young adults require greater study focus, and strategic planning for tests and exams? Would you like them to function independently and smartly, to take their school or university studies to the next level of excellence? We have branched into tutoring and supervising this ability, with excellent results .


'Victoria assisted Mohamed by challenging his existing patterns of study, for greater focus and effectiveness...' Sameera R. Diocesan College parent.