Victoria Wilson

Higher Level (Corporate and Management) Programmes



  Presentation/Public Speaking Programme



Modules include:

• Stress Management (presenting specific)

• Finding your unique style

• Engaging and Captivating

• Rapid Fire Speaking

• Handling questions/disruptions

• Handling, understanding and reading different audiences

• Preparation and Delivery tips

• Verbal and Non-Verbal Presenting tips

• Selling yourself and your message


  Some Benefits


• Enhanced confidence and relaxation

• A clear and simple focus

• Superior preparation and delivery

• Audience buy-in and captivation

• Better use of visual aids

• A strong persuasive ability

• Adapting voice to space

• A more impactful, energetic impression

• Accelerated business presentations




  Verbal Communication (your primary tool) Programme



• Relaxation for speech

• Vocal Clarity

• Breath Control and Support

• Tonal Variety and Colour

• Articulation of vowels and consonants

• Accent neutralization (where necessary)

• Your unique verbal style

• Resonance, depth and the commanding voice

• Pace control, emphasis, pause and phrasing

• Using body language to enhance the voice

• Recording and playback of readings




 Correct breathing technique and control

• Deeper, specific relaxation technique

• Finding your individuality and voice

• Increased vocal freedom and confidence

• Assertive use of vowels and consonants

• Stronger ends of words and sentences

• Self-sell and product-sell ability

• Credibility and naturalness

• Improved telephone voice




 Specialised Change Management Programmes:





• Leading the ‘people side’ of change for a desired outcome (2016 watchwords of most companies)

• Engagement in the change process, and dealing with your specific change situations

• Dealing with your specific change situations

• Work collectively towards a common objective

• Convincing collectively on the positive benefits to be derived from initial discomforts

• Assist your brands’ stakeholders to embrace the changes your products may bring to them

• Being in the moment



 Stake Holder Relations Programme:



See content of the “Everyday Level Customer/Client Service and Tele-Technique Modules”:

Similar content, with greater depth and detail.




  Diverse Personality Profiles Module:



• Exploring the Merril-Reid Model

• Explore and discuss different personality types

• Dealing strategically with each type

• How to influence, sell to and manage each type




• Learn to connect with different personalities around the boardroom table

• The psychology of communication with your team and internal/external stakeholders